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Rock Path

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

Back in 2020 you might have noticed I posted about making a cool rock path as a DIY project. Well, it turned into a DIY fail! This spring I hired TaylorMade Landworks to do it right, and I “helped” by laying all my small stones once again. Very happy with it and I feel confident with the new proper underlying materials and better locking material on top, it should remain sold. 1. After I finishing laying all the small stones, I sprayed the path down so you can see all the colors. 2 and 3. Pics from early 2020 before we put in the driveway or fence enclosure. 4 and 5. The broken path 2 years after I had made it, it had basically become loose rocks in a sand pit 6. After Ben and Jawan at TaylorMade Landworks had done their job and before I laid my small stones. 7. Laying small stones in progress. 8 and 9. After Ben returned and put on the higher grade polymer locking sand to secure the path. It’s solid now and I hope it remains that way! Not doing this a third time Hope you enjoyed my tale of DIY fail and redemption through hiring a professional!


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