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While leaves can offer great organic matter in proper proportions, the typical Central Illinois fall will produce an amount of leaves that can smother your lawn and kill the grass if not removed.


By removing the leaves, it can also help with pest control. A thick cluster of leaves provides many homes for rodents and insects that homeowners may want to avoid. If left on the lawn the leaves can also harbor things that could be damaging to the lawn like fungus, spores, grubs, and diseases.


Completing a thorough fall cleanup in the fall can help to reduce the costs of spring cleanup and help to keep the property in top esthetic shape.


TaylorMade Landworks also provides mulching services. With a wide variety of colors and wood mulch, we will provide you with the best option for your property and existing landscape.


Has your yard turned into an unconquerable jungle? Don’t give up and give us a call. We will cut back and prune the necessary bushes, shrubs, and plants to get your landscape looking brand new again.


Maintenance cost: $2,500+


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