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Taylormade Landworks in Springfield, IL Authorized AMP Professional

You’ve spent good money to have the landscape of your dreams so why not show it off 24 hours a day? Landscape lighting can enable you to do just that, plus provide safety, welcome guests, add interest, and increase your property value.


Installing outdoor lighting can completely change your outdoor spaces. With outdoor lighting, you can draw attention to the beauty of your home and show off your plants and trees all night long. Landscape lighting enables you to enjoy life outdoors long into the night. You can even hold late-night outdoor parties or cookouts with the help of lighting fixtures throughout your landscape. Outdoor lighting is also a great way to carry out your holiday decorating schemes since some lights can be colored.


When installing landscape lighting, it is important to take into consideration how many lights it will require, to get the results you are looking for. A common mistake is to try and cut costs by installing fewer lights.


This often results in a patchy lighting ambiance and is easily remedied by adding an adequate amount of light. At TaylorMade Landworks, we install AMP outdoor lighting systems that will last for years. If you live in the Springfield, Illinois area, contact us and we will help you with your lighting needs.


Outdoor Lighting cost: $4,000+


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