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At Taylormade Landworks, we know the first step in creating a custom outdoor living space or landscaping project is to develop a relationship with you. We want to understand what you personally want to achieve with your custom outdoor space. By working together, we can create an outdoor living space or landscaping project that will enable you to enjoy life outdoors for many years!

Design Fees: Typically range from $1,000 for small projects to $3,500+ for larger estate projects.


It is helpful if you have your property survey; this allows us to obtain accurate design measurements. We will spend time with you visiting local nurseries and landscape supply yards to look at plants and hardscape materials to determine what you like and don’t like


We will need you to review and approve the concept design that will be sent to you; before we spend too much time on the design we want to make sure that we are headed in the right direction and capturing your vision for your outdoor space.


Designs will be created digitally. If you have a hard time visualizing the finished project we can design your landscape using our 3D photo-image design software that enables us to digitally create and insert new hardscape, lighting, plants, and other features to enable you to see your finished project before a single shovel hits the ground! It takes several hours to create custom designs and the fee compensates us for our time and efforts.


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