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Pros & Cons of Pondless Waterfalls

One of the most effective ways of adding a "wow factor" to your property is by investing in a pondless waterfall. A pondless waterfall is a landscaping element, which features falling water that splashes down on rocks and goes into a reservoir that is hidden from view. This hidden basin gives the illusion that the waterfall is disappearing without creating a pool of water.

The basin at the bottom of the waterfall is designed to be wider than the waterfall itself. This gives it time to circulate the water, by using the pump at the bottom of the basin. The larger the waterfall, the bigger the reservoir has to be to ensure enough water can move through the system.

The Pros

Pondless waterfalls are the way to go if you want to save both money and time on maintenance. When it comes to the topic of construction, less labor and materials are needed to build a pondless waterfall versus your standard waterfall with a pond. There's also no denying that they offer the landscaping of homeowners a beautiful and serene focal point.

Other positives of installing a pondless waterfall include:

  • They generally do not take up much space.

  • No skimmer or filtration system is required because they do not have standing water.

  • Since no fish or living plants are in a pondless waterfall, chemical cleaners can be used.

  • It is safer for children and pets to be around them.

  • The lack of standing water greatly minimizes the risk of having any problems with mosquitos.

The Cons

There are very few things that point against having this type of water feature added to your current landscaping.

For those that enjoy fish and aquatic plants, a pondless waterfall would not be the way to go, as there is no oxygenated pool to sustain life. If you love aquatic life, going with a traditional pond and waterfall would be the right path to take.

Additionally, pondless waterfalls tend to need water replenishment more frequently than traditional waterfall and pond combinations.

Get a Consultation Today

If you are curious to learn more about pondless waterfalls, or you have already decided that installing one on your property would enhance your landscaping, fill out our "Quote Request" form and our team would be happy to give you a consultation.

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